“The Eighth Bible of New Egypt” – now in SPARK!

Helloooooo kids.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but if you haven’t read the original serialized version, my short story, “The Eighth Bible of New Egypt,” is now available in creative fiction anthology, Spark, Volume VIII!

Not only does it have my story, the volume contains numerous other pieces and poems from great writers, so it’s definitely worth a read. Please pick up a copy, either from the E&GJ Little Press itself, or from Amazon!

“The Eighth Bible of New Egypt” is an adventure starring my rakish, educated, opinionated, and deliciously witty agent magician, Jacob Orange. More is coming, so you’d better watch out. 🙂

“This anthology contains stories and poems by over thirty authors. Quite a lot for the number of pages, meaning several stories are short or very short. My personal taste is for somewhat longer short stories or even novellettes [sic] in which authors can really display their worlds and characters. No wonder then that several of the longer stories appealed to me more, with ‘The Eighth Bible of New Egypt’ by Brian Fence really weirding me out in a pleasurable way. There is no real theme to the Spark Anthology, except maybe a drive for publishing high quality material and that shows: most of the stories were well written, well constructed and neatly polished, making the book a pleasure to read in all its diversity.” – Amazon Review, M.C. Jansen

Here at Amazon.
Here at E&GJ Little Press.

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I studied and lived in Japan, got a Master's Degree in Sociology from the University of Oxford, and now I write SFF novels about cerebral people suffering post-modern angst who cope by drinking lots of wine. And magic.

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