he is also called bao

Brian FenceBRIAN FENCE is an author of fantasy and science fiction novels, short stories, and poetry. He lives near the beach outside New York City — though his wanderlust often takes him elsewhere — with his husband and four cats, one of which has demonstrated an obsession with ramen.

His debut novel, Librarian, was released unto the world in May 2013 to critical acclaim, followed by its sequel, Apprentice, in December 2014. The books comprise the first two novels in a fantasy trilogy titled “Lenna’s Arc,” which will conclude (or will it?) with the release of the third work, Freewoman (2016).

His other upcoming machinations include several short stories and a collection of poetry.

 A Nifty Factsheet:
  • NICKNAME: Bao-Bao (or just Bao)
  • HOMETOWN: Whiting, NJ
  • EDUCATION: BA from Bucknell University (East Asian Studies/Creative Writing); MS from University of Oxford (Sociology), St Cross College
  • FAVORITE FOODS: Curries, pickled things
  • LEAST FAVORITE: Eel with cheese
  • FAVORITE COLORS: Red, peach
  • FAVORITE AUTHOR: Diana Wynne Jones
  • FAVORITE MOVIE: Love Songs (Les Chansons d’Amour)
  • FAVORITE TV SERIES: Doctor Who, My Little Pony, Xena, Star Trek, Strictly Come Dancing, Masterchef Australia
  • HOBBIES: Cookery, ballroom dancing, daydreaming

He is a proud Brony, an avid taker of bubblebaths, a Japanese-speaking Anglophile, and is unhealthily possessed of fascinations with the Moon and quantum mechanics.

When asked what his dream job would be, Brian usually responds with, “A Victorian gentleman.”