Venus Wink Chain Sword!

Venus Wink Chain Sword!

Husband and I decided to celebrate a love for Sailor Moon and got some tattoos that’ll line up when we hold hands! AWWWWW! Isn’t that cloying?

He got Sailor Pluto’s “Dead Scream”…

Dead Scream!

…and I got a rendition of Sailor Venus’ attack, “Venus Wink Chain Sword” from the new version of the anime, Sailor Moon Crystal.

Venus Wink Chain Sword!

Those shots are as the tattoos were in-progress! The end results are FAB-U-LOUS.

…meanwhile, as I type this, husband is in the background shouting, “AREN’T YOU HAPPY? DON’T YOU LOVE HUSBAND FOR STAINING HIS SKIN FOREVER TO HAVE A STRONGER BOND WITH YOU?”

…this is our home and how we speak.

PS! I submitted some poetry from my chapbook, so *fingers crossed.*

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