Sighing, Lenna shifted into the proper stance and slid her mother’s blade from its sheath, already longing for a bath. Freewoman Dalm, she thought, whatever you think this thing around my neck is, I can assure you: it is definitely not a treasure.

ONE MONTH after her childhood friend Gilbert appeared on the doorstep of her library seeking help in fleeing from the Blue Crescent Brotherhood, Lenna Faircloth – librarian, self-proclaimed dormouse, and lover of all things alcoholic – finds herself in the unlikeliest of situations: roughing it in the forest with her mother’s people, the Freewomen of Laur.

With his dying words Gilbert bequeathed to Lenna one of three powerful artifacts, dubiously named the Godjewels, and it had formed a unique psychic bond with her that only the wards of the Freewoman settlement could mask from the other parties interested in acquiring her gem.

As for Lenna? She’s just interested in taking a bath, having a tall glass of wine, and forgetting the past month even happened.

Apprentice continues the tale of Librarian and follows the adventures of a young woman forced to confront and discover what it means to be a hero (albeit a sometimes tipsy one), a friend, and a person with far too much power at their ready disposal.

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