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Welcome to the website of Brian Fence, novelist and author of the fantasy novels, Librarian and Apprentice. When he isn’t writing, he’s building parallel universes run by bunnies, drawing ponies, and perfecting recipes for mayonnaise that doesn’t split.

ATTENTION! In anticipation of the release of Apprentice, the first book in Lenna’s Arc, Librarian, is currently FREE to download from Amazon! The promotion runs until 29 November 2014, so those of you who haven’t snatched up a copy, follow the link and get reading! Librarian at Amazon.com.

Apprentice is coming! Expect the hard cover and digital versions Q4 (meaning very, very soon)! Brush up on Librarian if you need a refresher. :)

Apprentice - Cover Art

Librarian, the first book in Lenna’s Arc, is a year old! If you haven’t picked up your copy, visit this page for purchasing info. Some reviews:

Librarian - Front Cover

“Fence writes in a tone that’s engaging and confident, and he crafts an intriguing world of shifting politics and magical elements. For fantasy fans, he delivers a wholly realized explanation for his world’s magic system. The characters who aid Lenna each have compelling back stories and effectively draw out Lenna’s strength and personality; … At the book’s conclusion, Fence promises to expand his world’s scope and up the stakes for Lenna and her friends.

A promising first chapter in a new fantasy series that seamlessly weaves magic and politics.”Kirkus Reviews

“This is Brian Fence’s debut novel and it was brilliant. I can’t imagine a more skillfully-crafted, original debut for what seems will be a promising series and a promising author. I went blindly into this book after entering its Goodreads giveaway for signed copies (which I did not win). To be honest, the cover caught my attention more than anything (can you blame me?). I bought it for Kindle for $4 and having read it, I would have paid at least double.”LIT MUG

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